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The Allstate Custom Bike...Once Is Never Enough

May 1st 2012
By Rick Fairless

Rick Fairless walks you through the design and building of his first bike for Allstate: "ONE".

In November, Allstate asked if I'd be interested in building a custom motorcycle. My response? You're dang right! The thing was... it had to be ready by Daytona Bike Week in early March. That's pretty quick for a ground-up custom. A full-blown custom motorcycle usually takes 4-6 months to build, and my crazy paint jobs alone take a couple of months. I don't care how quick it looks on TV — this is real time, not TV time!

Allstate wanted me to build a bike that pulled in characteristics of ONE — its motorcycle awareness program. ONE encourages drivers to look twice for motorcycles at intersections, because Once is Never Enough. Allstate is doing great things to help protect riders, and I'm very proud to be a small part of it.

I started with one of my "Pam" frames, a really unique frame design that I came up with several years ago. "Pam" features two 4" tubes that make up the backbone of the bike. One tube is for the fuel, and the other tube is for the oil. This frame makes a nice arch over the motor and looks great. I used an S&S 124" polished motor and a Jim's transmission. For the wheels, I chose a set of Black Bike, 120 radial-laced, twisted spoke wheels that were chrome plated and then added a blue candy powder coat over the top for a unique look. We also used a 1938 Chevy headlight. It's a pretty big, funky headlight and fits this bike perfectly!

My signature paint style is a mix of ‘60s and ‘70s — a cross between bright tie dye and a psychedelic design. Most of my bikes have peace signs – this one even has some flying peace signs! We also added doves, flower power, 8 balls, smiley faces, the sun, the moon, some stars and a couple of psychedelic women! I like my bikes to make people stop and look over the entire motorcycle with a smile on their face. This paint is totally cool and commands your full attention!

The experience of building this bike was unbelievable! I really dug working with Allstate. Everyone was first class. It was also great to work with Arlen Ness and Dave Perewitz on this project. They're two of the biggest icons in the industry, and I'm proud to call them friends! We did a 16-hour photo shoot with the great Michael Lichter, and the photos came out perfect. He's the best! The Allstate crew made sure everything went as planned, and the project was a big success!

The ONE bike received lots of attention in Daytona and looked awfully purdy sitting there with Arlen and Dave's bikes! I know what you're thinking... Fairless always names his bikes, so what did he name this fine gal? After much thought, I decided to call this bike "Wilma." Why Wilma? There was this little gal I knew in 5th grade, but that's another story.

Rick Fairless
Strokers Dallas
Living the dream in Texas.

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