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ONE: It's Raising Awareness at Intersections

March 1st 2011
By Staff

Allstate's successful "Once is Never Enough" motorcycle awareness program continues to turn heads at intersections.

A second look, an extra moment of awareness, is sometimes the difference between life and death.

Multi-vehicle crashes at intersections have claimed more than 7,000 riders' lives between 2005 and 2009 – a third of all rider fatalities during that period, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

In 2009, Allstate set out to help curb this trend by creating Once is Never Enough (ONE), a program designed to increase awareness of these types of crashes and to offer simple advice to drivers and riders – "look twice, because once is never enough."

To introduce the program, Allstate teamed up with legendary custom motorcycle builder Dave Perewitz to help spread the word by visiting cities that hosted major motorcycle rallies, including Daytona Beach and Glendale, encouraging residents to be more aware. Allstate donated intersection safety curriculum developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to local driving schools and libraries across the country and armed residents with tip cards in order to keep motorcycle safety and awareness top-of-mind.


In 2010, Allstate took ONE to the source of the problem – the actual intersections. Allstate worked in conjunction with local traffic authorities to determine some of the area's most dangerous intersections for riders, based on multi-vehicle crash data. Once intersections were identified, "LOOK" signs were installed – yellow diamond-shaped cautionary traffic signs emblazed with the word L-O-O-K and a silhouette of a motorcycle.

nce again, Allstate focused on cities around the country that hosted major motorcycle rallies, installing the signs a week before each event.

  • Daytona Bike Week (Orlando / Daytona Beach, Fla.)
  • The Laughlin River Run (Las Vegas / Laughlin, Nev.)
  • Rolling Thunder (Washington, D.C.)
  • Laconia Motorcycle Week (Laconia, N.H.)
  • The Milwaukee Rally (Milwaukee)
  • Lone Star Rally (Houston / Galveston, Texas

This year, Allstate is again rolling out its ONE program in order to continue to create awareness of the dangers for riders at intersections.

"When you're on the road, you have to be aware that motorcycles are out there," Perewitz said. "I have seen too many riders get hurt because someone didn't look twice at an intersection."

As a result of the ONE program's two-year track record of raising awareness at dangerous intersections, Allstate plans to roll it out again in 2011. We'll announce specifics in early spring, so be sure to "LOOK" for details in future issues of Allstate Rider News.

Allstate Insurance Company does not own and is not affiliated with Dave Perewitz, Daytona Bike Week, The Laughlin River Run, Americade, California Bike Week, Rolling Thunder, Laconia Motorcycle Week, The Milwaukee Rally or The Lone Star Rally. Allstate makes no warranties or representations and is not liable for any goods or services provided by this individual or these organizations.

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